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Northern Europe


The land where fairy tales come to life.

Step back in time as you walk on soils that are most rich in world history. From country to country, be filled with wonderment and humility as you glide through the serene waters of the North Atlantic.

   Nothing sets the scene in Great Britain more so than London. Tour the enchanting Buckingham Palace with its 19 lavish state rooms, home of Queen Elizabeth II, and roam the sidewalks and shops of Piccadilly Circus as it comes to life as the sun sets, Or make your way up to Liverpool to visit some of The Beatles' iconic landmarks.


   Travel North for a round of golf in Scotland in which this pleasurable past time was created; better yet, play at the oldest and most distinguished golf club in the world, the Royal and Ancient Gold Club of St. Andrews. Stay in Edinburgh and bask in the glory of Edinburgh Castle that sits atop an extinct volcano before entering its walls and discovering what's inside.

   Would you rather plan a trip to Ireland and kiss the Blarney stone at Blarney Castle? Whatever be the adventure, you've earned a fresh, cold pint from one of Dublin's popular pubs. Or walk Normandy's infamous beaches of World War 2 before travelling inland to admire Paris' enchanting Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

   Get back to your roots and discover the land of your ancestors. Look up at the clear night sky and admire the purity of the northern lights while visiting the Arctic Trollfjord in Norway or ski down the snow-covered slopes of the Alps in Switzerland.


   Follow along the Rhine River to gaze upon many castle-topped cliffs while stopping to sip wine at any of the diverse vineyards in Germany's countryside or navigate the Danube to visit Budapest for a dip in one of their well known thermal baths.


   Regardless of  how you plan to spend your journey in Europeyou're sure to be reminded of the many generations that have come before you, leaving you awe-inspired by what they once called their "backyard". 

Experience the best of both worlds.

Plan a Northern European cruise tour to discover Scotland, Ireland, Russia, and more on a 3-10 night land excursion before or after cruising the Northern Eurpoean coastline. 

Plan a more intimate river cruise to discover Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, and more on a 7+ day country-to-country venture down Europe's most iconic rivers. 

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