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Moments that will last a lifetime start here.

Imagine the possibilities of dream locations to start new chapters of your life with the ones you care about. From an intimate honeymoon or anniversary getaway to vacations or reunions with the whole family, or even school or business rendezvous, nothing is more special

The Wedding of Your Dreams

   Wedding planning invites unwanted guests... stress. Sights Unseen is here to take the stress away and replace it with peace of mind. Let us help you create the wedding of your dreams. Whether it be on a beautiful white sandy beach with friends and family, or tying the knot on a sunny deck by the captain of a cruise ship, to overlooking the Rhine from an elegant castle like a princess, with our help, the two of you will be living happily ever after. 

What's your budget? 

   The nice thing about destination weddings is that they're usually much less expensive than your traditional ones. It can help keep the invitation list more intimate and you're already at your honeymoon destination. There are also perks for the happy couple if travelling in a group, say with family and friends. You can make it as simple or as extravagant as you would like with all the trimmings.  

Pro Tip:

   Most locations employ wedding specialists to help the bride and groom ensure all the details are set for the ceremony and reception. All you have to do is show up with your guests, say your vows and live in the moment. Your specialist will prepare the venue, order the flowers and the food, to make sure your day is spectacular and memorable for everyone.

Oceanfront Wedding

Honeymoon here or there?

   Do you imagine yourselves unwinding on the beach or are you picturing yourselves looking to fulfill your first action-packed adventure together? Why not both? By cruising your preferred part of the world, you'll both have time to relax between thrills of each on-shore excursion. Or maybe you both would rather have some intimacy and just heat up the romance in a cozy cabin? Wherever your hearts desire, Sights Unseen can find you the perfect hotel, resort, or cruise for such a momentous occasion.


Every anniversary is worth celebrating.

   Already tied the not and want to keep the sparks flying? Turn your next anniversary into an unforgettable getaway that assures you the rekindling of romantic muse.

Bride and Groom
Group Travels Near  & Far

   Is it your turn to plan the family gathering and want to spice things up this year? Or does your school group get to travel? Let Sights Unseen help! With groups of 10 or more, you'll start to see rates go down - which means every ones wallets can breathe easy without jeopardizing the much anticipated land or sea journey.

   Most group packages typically have 8 to 10 rooms or cabins booked as they are priced for two people per room. A lot of times we can help you obtain some sort of perk to add to your package such as credits on your cruise or at your resort or even special upgrades for the happy couple on their destination wedding getaway with family.

Lake Party

   There are even opportunities to receive a free room or cabin. For every eight cabins booked on a cruise or every 10 rooms booked in a hotel or resort, your group will receive a complimentary room. This is a great opportunity to give back to the group planner for all their hard work planning the trip or to help a classmate that might not be able to pay their full way.

   Sights Unseen also has the ability to set up fundraisers. If you are interested in fundraising a trip, please contact us for more information. We'll be happy to help.

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