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The cruise world was turned upside down during the past year and for the first time was halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  A lot has happened in the past 15 months trying to get the cruise lines back up and operating.  It is great to announce that the CDC is finally allowing the cruise lines to meet certain requirements to allow them to start back cruising this month (June) and also in July.  Although some of the cruise lines have limited the amount of ships at this time, but will slowly be adding more ships and cruises by 2022.  Alaska is even getting opened back up, but only by leaving out of the Seattle or other US ports, until Canada opens its borders back up in Feb of 2022.

Some cruise lines are requiring vaccines.  95% of the people are required to be vaccinated with, the others at least having negative covid tests before boarding the ship.  We are hoping that in time that requirement will be dropped but we will see.

Where in the world would you like to go?

Sights Unseen Travel offers great deals on cruises. These are great options all around the globe for couples, families, and large groups. Our company has exclusive access to special rates and vouchers, so our clients receive the best value while paying the lowest rates possible. Browse our selection of available cruising destinations and let us help you prepare your vacation with ease.

Large Ship Cruising

   Seek new experiences in places you've only dreamed of visiting.

   Let Sights Unseen Travel help those dreams become your reality.  Large ship cruising is the public's most popular form of cruising.  Whether it be a getaway with just you and your significant other or if you decide to bring the whole family, the possibilities are endless!

   With a vast array of spacious ships and their countless on-board activities and entertainment, there are plenty of thrills you can experience while out at sea.  Not only can you relax by the pool, all cruise lines offer a variety of their own entertainment from live shows and musicals to water slides and zip-lines to spas and casinos.  Each cruise offers to take you on on-shore excursions so that you and your family can extend those thrills you had at sea while docked at each port along the way.

   Not only is the entertainment exciting, just wait until you dine in at one of their specialty restaurants on board your ship! Indulge in exquisite culinary creations each made fresh to order. And at the end of each day, unwind in your own exclusive suite or stateroom that feature balconies and more. Upgrades and packages can be included in your stay for a more gratifying experience. 

   Cruise tours are a popular choice of travel.

   Get the best of both styles of traveling. Spend the first few days of your journey on the main land for the opportunity to not let wonders go unseen. Then be able to relax the last few days on your cruise ship before returning home. Or cruise the seas first to rejuvenate for the last few days exploring what extraordinary things the main land has to offer. With hotels or resorts available and modes of transportation to nearby cities, your stay on land will truly help you explore the things you've always longed to view in person all while having the time to just...relax. 

   Whether you want to dip your toes in the experience on a 6-8 day trek or dive right in on a 14+ day journey, Sights Unseen Travel can arrange the quintessential cruise of a lifetime.

River Cruising

   Now this is a culture seeker's dream.


   Indulge further into lands than you ever thought imaginable. Whether you're marveling at the numerous castles that overlook the Rhine River, or soaking in the serene misty mountainsides of the Yellow River, or relaxing in old fashioned style by steamboat down the Mississippi River, this is the very opportunity to get a closer look at each country's way of life.

   While allowing you a more intimate gaze of the countrysides, each long ship offers you a more inclusive sojourn than the more common large ship. Each ship easily accommodates an average of 200 and typically includes WIFI, river view cabins, and beverages - even beer, wine and some spirits. And let us not forget about satisfying your taste buds with exquisite dishes after a long day at port.

   Long ships have the ability to stop at more ports along the river allowing you to absorb each country's character and personality and most importantly, its history and how it came to be what it its today. Typically each port includes a cultivated shore excursion with the more popular focusing on each country's perspective on dining with the chance to help make it yourself.

   Take the time to entertain yourself with special lectures and performances that give you an "in the moment" feeling. And be sure to visit at least one of the many UNESCO world heritage sites for a truly historic experience right at your fingertips.

   Another thing to consider when river cruising is the inclusion of port taxes and any necessary transfers with airlines. Oh, and remember to bring binoculars because there will surely be plenty of splendors to be curious within view.

 Luxury Cruising

   It's high time for high class.

   Luxury means the highest caliber of gourmet food, spirits, wines, sophisticated entertainment and superb service. With marvelous, yet discreet ships accommodating an average of 200, you can visit smaller ports that have been less traveled and stay overnight at the more popular large ports while still immersed in extraordinary bliss.

   Don't let the elegance of being greeted with champagne fool you. Think of luxury as a form of relaxation. Whether its dining by candlelight on the veranda or spending the morning at the spa or you just have a late night craving keeping you up at night, their top notch staff and round the clock room service will grant you to live worry-free. 

   Lavish living has the finest inclusions such as the unlimited options of on shore excursions, premium spirits and fine wines, WIFI, amenities, even exclusive events and gratuities. Its finest inclusion is undoubtedly their exemplary dining experiences. With leading chefs, savor each specialty dish as they have hand picked its ingredients from the local market at port.

   The pampering doesn't end there. Relish a night abroad in a high class hotel before or after your cruise sets sail. Feel spoiled up to the very end with private transportation to and from your hotel, flight and ship.

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