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city in greece

The Mediterranean Sea

History at its absolute finest. The cities dotting the coast lines of the Mediterranean Sea will captivate you each and every day with their outstanding architecture, art and culture.

   Adventure awaits you in Barri Gòtic (or Gothic Quarter), Barcelona's cultural city hub, with its narrow puzzle-like roads. Picasso's old stomping grounds take you from plaza to plaza, surprising you with exquisite architecture and hidden gems such as the Gothic Cathedral, before making your way down the coast on another adventure.


   For some, it's unknown how large of a melting pot of cultures Marseilles really is; defined by the charming districts throughout the second largest city of France, Walk the streets of Le Panier with its old and modern day characteristics that surround you. Then take a boat ride to discover the imposing Chateau d'If or the towering limestone cliffs of Parc National des Calanques before setting sail to your next port along the Mediterranean.


   Castel Nuovo  and Castel dell’Ovostands will undoubtedly stand out as main features that can be seen from your ship while you sail into the port of Naples. Visit the ash- covered ruins of Pompeii or discover the secret underground world of the San Gennaro Catacombs. Travel Venice via gondola down the Grand Canal for a romantic evening filled with iconic structures and picturesque backdrops all while you hear the faint rumble of footsteps and laughter from a nearby bistro, not to mention the appetizing aroma that lingers leaving you wanting more.


   Don't worry, because Rome has everything your heart desires. Home to a decadent treat, gelato is a must-have while in Italy. After you've satisfied your sweet tooth, feast your eyes upon the Roman Colosseum. Take a guided tour to learn the more in-depth history and stories of this classical structure before making your way to the Sistine Chapel to see Michelangelo's skillfulness with a paintbrush.

   No matter where you stop to visit Italy, you'll easily find chapels, cathedrals, and fountains that display magnificent works of art of talented artists long ago.

   Greece is most well known for its audacious architecture. Set foot along structures in Athens such as Acropolis, Parthenon and Ancient Agora. Watch a summer performance take place on stage of the open-aired Oden of Herod Atticus.


   Or decide to meander through one of Athens' museums with well-known districts nearby. The Plaka, and Psiri districts are home to simplistic shops, cozy cafes and bistros where you can dine on their classic gyro and mousakka (favorites of locals and tourists alike) or souvlaki and kebabs that kids love.


   Don't miss the fun in Rhodes, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, Rhodes, boasts a family friendly environment with relaxing beaches and easy access to historic architecture. Segway or travel on foot for tours of the medieval Rhodes Old Town, then wind down the evening as you enjoy the nightlife with wine tasting and local cuisine,

Experience the best of both worlds.

Plan a Mediterranean cruise tour to discover Italy, Greece, Spain, and more on a 3-10 night land excursion before or after cruising the Mediterranean coastline. 

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